1. “Perinatal Palliative Care, The Zimmer Family Story” – Watch an amazing story of how Meriter’s Perinatal Palliative Care Program worked with the Zimmer family as they remember and cherish the short time they had with their newborn son. Perinatal Palliative Care

2. “Portraits of Life, Love and Legacy Through Pediatric Palliative Care” – In this film, families share stories of unthinkable journeys — caring for their own seriously ill or dying children. With open hearts, seven families discuss their close partnerships with the pediatric palliative care team to find love, joy, and purpose through the lives of these special children.  Portraits of Life Love Legacy Through Pediatric Palliative Care

3. “What is pediatric palliative care, Really?” – Recent video from Courageous Parents Network – September 2015.  Video – CPN What is pediatric palliative care, Really?

4.  “On Being Present, Not Perfect” – Elaine C. Meyer, Ph.D., R.N. discusses the difficult conversations that often matter most in healthcare including conveying serious diagnoses and disclosing medical errors, to ethical quandaries surrounding end-of-life care. Elaine draws on both professional and personal experience to illustrate the profound gaps in healthcare communication and how to close them. She introduces her Institute’s educational philosophy of the “one room schoolhouse” and shares the Wizard of Oz metaphor to describe the key ingredients of honest, direct, and genuine conversations.

Dr. Meyer is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Institute for Professionalism & Ethical Practice – Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School.  Presentation – On Being Present, Not Perfect

5.  NIH Makes Palliative Care More Attainable for Pediatric Patients and Their Families

National Institute of Health (NIH) Video:

6.  A Lion in the House, award-winning documentary film – 2005

For more information on this amazing film, go to
. An award-winning feature documentary spanning six years in the lives of five American families who each have a child fighting cancer. All five kids receive care at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, home to one of the world’s top pediatric oncology divisions. Filmmakers Steven Bognar & Julia Reichert, whose own daughter is a childhood cancer survivor, were granted unprecedented access to Cincinnati Children’s, filming doctor & nurse rounds meetings, counseling sessions, surgeries, and numerous, challenging encounters between parents and caregivers. The film, as well as three 45-minute special features based on the film, are available for rental, free, from Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition.