This simple, winter-themed craft project is made from easy-to-find materials. The activity encourages following directions, as well as increasing fine motor skills.

What You Need

  • Wooden Paint Stir Stick (painted white)
  • 6 Pieces of Yarn
  • 3”x3” Square of Felt for Hat
  • Scissors
  • 8”x1” Strip of Fabric or Felt
  • Black marker
  • 3 Buttons or Pony Beads
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 1/2 of a Toothpick (painted orange)
  • White Craft Glue


  • Wrap 3”x3” fabric around the top of the stick and hot glue together in the back.
  • Tie yarn around the top of the hat and trim ends. Fringe the top of the hat with scissors, if you like.
  • Wrap 8”x1” strip of material around the neck and tie in a knot. Fringe the ends with scissors.
  • Use white craft glue to attach 3 buttons or beads below the scarf and glue the orange toothpick on for the nose. Use black marker, or a toothpick dipped in black paint, to create the mouth and eyes.
  • Let everything dry.

All activities should be supervised by an adult.

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