PPCC Resources and Suggested Resources

PPCC strives to provide comprehensive, up-to-date information on pediatric palliative care/hospice options, as well as support organizations and self-help groups in Pennsylvania and the country.

PPCC and the Collaborative Filmmaking Project

Each of 5 participants created a short film that celebrated the legacy of their child and explored their grief journey.

What is Pediatric Palliative Care? - New PPCC Resource

Click here to see a list of frequently asked questions and answers about pediatric palliative and hospice care.

NHPCO Pediatric Facts & Figures - 2023 Edition

NHPCO has released the report which includes a comprehensive view of pediatric hospice and palliative care across the US.

PPC Archived Webinars

PPC archived webinars are available for purchase at a nominal cost. They are useful for instruction, information, and education.


Keep up to date with PPCC resources, events and topical information created for medical professionals and families/caregivers...

When a Child Dies - Planning Acts of Love & Legacy

The Funeral Service Foundation funded this guide and created it in partnership with Pediatric Palliative Care Coalitions.

PA Resource Map

Use our interactive map to find PA Children’s Hospitals with Pediatric Palliative Care Support & Hospices that Serve Pediatric Patients.

Lightning Bug App

The new PPCC Lightning Bug App gives caregivers a suite of indispensable tools to manage, store and share information.

Care Plan Book & Flash Drive

The PPCC Care Plan Book and Flash Drive is designed to be a comprehensive reference guide to be used by families, caregivers and medical...

Activities for Siblings

PPCC has assembled a number of activities designed to engage children and teens in thought-provoking, imaginative, playful and expressive...

Additional Resources

Pedipal - a monthly podcast about pediatric palliative care.

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PPCC presents the Funeral Service Foundation’s information about children and the grieving process.

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Courageous Parents Network Blog – posts for parents and professionals

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NHPCO Pediatric E-Journal, Feb 2024: Rare Conditions and Diseases

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