Webinar Series

PPCC (Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition), GIPPCC (Greater Illinois Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition), CHPCC (Children’s Hospice & Palliative Care Coalition of California), and the CSU Shiley Haynes Institute for Palliative Care have collaborated to offer the PPC Webinar Series to raise the visibility of pediatric palliative care and to build clinicians’ competencies and confidence.


Upcoming Webinar

November 16, 2021

12:00 PST  |  1:00 MST  |  2:00 CST  |  3:00 EST

Alternative Payment Strategies to Enhance Access to Pediatric Palliative Care with Conrad Williams, MD, FAAP, FAAHPM; Kristin James, LCPC

With the growing emphasis on value-based payments in healthcare, there is significant potential for enhanced access to pediatric palliative care services. This discussion will highlight the challenges to access of PPC services in traditional reimbursement models, and it will discuss existing state models that have been developed. Finally, a process for exploring policy and legislative opportunities to develop alternative payment strategies will be discussed.


2022 PCC Webinar Series Calendar


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A Collaborative Approach to Addressing Trauma and Building Resilience in Pediatric Palliative Care Providers


Palliative Care: A Cloak of Comfort in Sickle Cell Disease


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