This project utilizes a familiar melody in conjunction with scarves for sensory stimulation, to increase movement in upper extremities, and to provide opportunities for vocalization/ verbalization through singing and movement. It is a good activity for ages 18 months - 6 years.

What You Need

  • 7-8 Colored Scarves


  • Introduce scarves and review colors.
  • Provide models for movements to be completed with scarves. For example, moving up and down, throwing in air, making big or little circles, etc.
  • Sing song with movements to the tune of Frère Jacques:
  • Red and Orange (Red and Orange)
  • Yellow Too (Yellow too)
  • Green and Purple (Green and Purple)
  • Pink and Blue (Pink and Blue)
  • Repeat song, encouraging color identification as colors are sang and changing movements.
  • Provide deliberate pauses for children to sing colors after several repetitions of song until child can sing entire song independently (if able).

Possible modifications:

  • Song can be sung without child singing along.
  • Movements can be modified according to ability and activity level.
  • Hand-over-hand can be utilized throughout.

All activities should be supervised by an adult.

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